Beyoncé Madness: The First Four

For those of you unfamiliar with March Madness as it pertains to College Basketball, every year the greatest tournament ever begins with 2 special "play in" games, where 4 underdog teams battle for the last spots in the tournament. Similarly here, the first four will comprise of 4 songs that you can vote-in to compete against the other 62  already seeded tracks.  There are two places on the Beyoncé bracket that you may have noticed are named "vote in".  Those are the spots these songs will fight for.

The first poll will be for the 16th spot alongside songs from Beyoncé's latest album.  You get to vote between two songs from  Jay-Z's album, Magna Carta... Holy Grail that feature Queen Bey - making them her most recent songs apart from the self-titled album.  Have fun voting!

BBC - Jay Z featuring Beyoncé, 2013.  From Magna Carta... Holy Grail.


Granted, Beyoncé is not a major part of this song.  She opens the track reminding us all that her boo is a billionaire, and then lets Hov, along with some help with his friends Justin Timberlake and Nas, take it from there.  Her background vocals are credited to Third Ward Trill - a shout-out to her hometown, which becomes a bit of a theme on the new album, so it's kind of connected.

Part II (On the Run) - Jay Z featuring Beyoncé, 2013.  From Magna Carta... Holy Grail.


Like BBC, there is no official music video for this track, but who wouldn't want to watch a slide show of this adorable power couple?  On the Run works like a sequel to JayBey's first song together, '03 Bonnie & Clyde, which is seeded 4th place among the 16 collaborations.

[polldaddy poll=7800464]

Next up, the vote-in for the 16th spot among the best of Beyoncé's solo career will give one of Bey's more obscure and underrated tracks a chance to go head to head against her top-selling singles.

Lost Yo Mind, 2006.  Bonus track from B'Day


I for one, have no idea how this song avoided being properly released.  It is really good - one of my personal favourites from B'Day.  

ROC, 2008.  Unreleased.


Talk about obscure, this track was never actually on an album.  It was written and recorded for I Am... Sasha Fierce, but didn't make the cut, maybe because she uncharacteristically uses the "N" word.

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And now that you know all the options, don't forget to print off your own Beyonce Brackets to predict and play along with!  Click the image below to access a printable/downloadable copy of the bracket, and good luck!

Beyoncé Madness