Beyoncé Madness: Sweet Sixteen

The Sweet Sixteen are finally poll-ready!  Check out the updated brackets here: sweet16bracket. As a heads up, these decisions just get more and more difficult from here on out.  I've already received some threats to end friendships, and even a couple to my personal health and safety.  Still, I'm a grown woman, and I am determined to do whatever I want, and what I want is to see these brackets to the bitter end.  For now I'll just ask that you help me narrow each category down to two tracks.  You won't have quite as long to vote on these, so make sure you get around to it before Tuesday, March 26th.


From the new album we have the amazing and danceable bonus track, Grown Woman, up against the empowering and badass ***Flawless.  I don't even know what I'll personally vote for on this one.  Then in the other corner, we have another sexy-off.  Partition barely beat out Rocket by just one vote, and now it's up against the remix and radio friendly Drunk in Love.

Grown Woman (1)


***Flawless (4) flawless2

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Yonce/Partition (3)



Drunk in Love (2) drunkinlove

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In collab-land, three singles from 2003 have stuck it out till now.  Baby Boy - the Sean Paul feature with that infectious dance hall flavour - and '03 Bonnie & Clyde - the first time Jay and Bey used the "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" terms.  Can you believe these songs are 10 years old??  As for the other poll, Lift Off is the surprise of this quadrant, being the one track without an official video to last this far, as well as the most recent track, from 2011's Watch the Throne, and it's up against yet another 2003 powerhouse, Crazy in Love.

Baby Boy, featuring Sean Paul (1)


'03 Bonnie & Clyde featuring Jay-Z (4) bonnienclyde

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Lift Off with Jay-Z and Kanye West (11)


Crazy in Love featuring Jay-Z (2) crazyinlove

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destiny's childDESTINY'S CHILD

In the DC corner we have Independent Women Part I from the Charlie's Angels Soundtrack is going to have a anthem-off with Survivor.  Meanwhile, you have to choose between the break-up track, Say My Name and the check-me-out-at-the-club track, Bootylicious, which took out my personal favourite DC single last week.

Independent Women Part 1 (1)

independent women

Survivor (5)


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Say My Name (3)


Bootylicious (10) bootylicious

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The solo career region has divided rather well, with the love songs on one side, and the dance tracks on the other.  Halo exists as the last standing ballad in the brackets, and it takes on Love on Top, the 8th seed that took out the the top spot in the category.  Another underdog that is fighting it's way into the regional finals is the 11th seed, Run the World which goes up against the epic but maybe overplayed Single Ladies.  In this part of the bracket, it has already been proven that anything can happen.

Halo (4)


Love On Top (8) loveontop[polldaddy poll=7900618]

Run the World (Girls) (11)


Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) (2)


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