The Final Beyoncé Madness

I titled this as if there is an end to Beyoncé Madness, which is of course impossible.  However, every good bracket must reach its centre, and that is precisely where we find ourselves. Bear with me for a moment as I make a comment about what I have learned in the process of these brackets.  When it comes to what is popular at the present moment going up against nostalgia, we have seen time and time again that that which has had more time to connect itself to our experiences and memories has a much better chance of beating out the fresh and new.  This bracket is no different.

When we vote for either of these finalists, we are not simply voting for "the better song".  We are considering so much more than a collection of lyrics, chords, and melody, and often placing our vote based on gut reactions tied to memories.  Not that this is bad, it just is what it is.  And now we find ourselves in a situation where we must choose between two songs from Bey's early career, both likely to be fully loaded with feelings and reminiscence.  Everyone may have to access different standards or criteria to decide, but one way or another you must choose one Beyoncé track to crown as the winner.  Will it be Destiny's Child's Say My Name or Beyoncé and Jay Z's Crazy in Love?  Let's just say that either way, the odds will ever be in Bey's favour.


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