Soundtrack Madness: Feat. Artists Round 2

Featured Artist round 2

It's time to continue voting in round 2 of the Featured Artist bracket!  These are soundtracks that heavily feature songs performed by one particular artist or band.  It's up to you to choose the four albums you'd like to see in the Sweet 16 next week.  Please remember that your votes are for the Soundtrack album, and not the movie.  Good luck, and vote responsibly!

Purple Rain Help!I doubt this match-up is any surprise to anyone following the brackets.  As popular as the soundtrack for Rushmore may be, it was no match against The Beatles' Help!  And Very few albums in this bracket could offer top-seeded Purple Rain much competition... until now, I'm sure.  These are both solid records from massive stars, and each is full of hits that have shaped generations.

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MagnoliaBlue HawaiiWhen Magnolia beat out Curtis Mayfield's Superfly in the first round by a single vote, we had our first great upset and surprise.  Blue Hawaii was also an underdog that beat The Beatles to be here.  Knowing that both albums clearly want this so bad, which one will you send to the next round?

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GraduateShaftSimon and Garfunkel's (but mostly Paul Simon's) soundtrack for The Graduate is classic, and goes up against the iconic Shaft from smooth and funky Isaac Hayes.

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BodyguardSNFA friend recently reminded me of a soundtrack I was obsessed with in high school that also featured a bit of Whitney.  Anyone else remember Waiting to Exhale?  Well, if you like The Bodyguard, go check it out.  Since starting this project of listening to more soundtracks, I have to admit that Saturday Night Fever has caught me off-guard by being a far more solid album than I expected.  Yes, "Stayin' Alive" has been played out, but there are a lot more tracks to keep this in the running.

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If you haven't yet voted for Compilations in round 2, don't close that tab until you visit here!