Soundtrack Madness: Musicals Round 2

Musicals Round 2

The last of the round 2 polls are ready for your decisions to be made.  To vote on any of the other 3 quadrants, here are some links:

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Remember, your votes are for the soundtrack album and not the movie.  Also fair warning: this could get messy!

WestSideStorySound Of MusicAnd so it begins with a bang.  If you grew up listening to musicals, it's pretty likely that both of these albums were apart of your childhood.  I only have a small handful of soundtracks on vinyl, but West Side Story and The Sound of Music are certainly a couple of them.

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BluesBrothersMoulin RougeThis particular match-up might be more of a split between subcultures, but something tells me it will still be a tricky choice for many.  The Blues Brothers are the SNL cast members covering 60's soul, while Moulin Rouge has the hollywood stars covering 70's and 80's classics.  The choice is up to you.

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WizardofOzSpinalTapYeah, this is weird.  I have no idea who will move on.  Will it be the sweet and regularly re-imagined Wizard of Oz?  Or the cult favourite parody hair metal Spinal Tap?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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O BrotherGrease was able to knock out the beloved Mary Poppins, so it is not something to underestimate.  O Brother eliminated Frozen, which may not seem like that big of a deal, except that there are a lot of parents voting that love that ridiculous stuff.  Both soundtracks use their music to remind of us of a particular time period, and do what they do very well.  [polldaddy poll=8764264]