Soundtrack Madness: Sweet Sixteen

 Only 16 soundtracks left, and this will be our fastest round yet, with polls only remaining open until the end of Easter Monday, April 6th, so be sure to get your friends (with similar taste) to vote quickly, and check back early next week for the Elite 8!  As always, please remember to vote for the soundtrack album, as opposed to the film of the same name.  Now, let's see those updated brackets and get to it!



Artist Featured Soundtracks


Purple RainMagnoliaThe truth is that I never would have guessed that Magnolia would beat out both Superfly and Shaft to be here.  With this kind of track record, it's about to offer some legitimate competition to Purple Rain, which barely boxed-out The Beatles' Help! to get this far.  At this point either one could deserve to go to elite 8, but you'll still have to choose between them.

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GraduateBodyguardThese soundtracks represent more than just their music or even films, but iconic moments in pop music history.  The Graduate had no problem offing Shaft, which had only one vote backing it.  The Bodyguard came out on top a much closer race with Saturday Night Fever to now face off against the popular Simon & Garfunkel collection.  I have to say, I am enjoying how much this match-up sounds like it's between two actual people.

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TrainspottingPrettyInPinkNeither of these albums had much difficulty beating out Natural Born Killers or The Big Chill respectively.  In general, this particular quad of the brackets got a few more voters than some of the others, so it seems some of you might feel strongly about some of these compilations... How do you feel about Trainspotting and Pretty in Pink?

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Romeo_+_Juliet_Soundtrack_Vol._1Pulp FictionTwo dark and eclectic soundtracks are filling out this category and about to get violent.  Romeo + Juliet's music is stylized without a particular genre of modern 90's music, while the last Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, Pulp Fiction is woven together with a mix of surf rock and 60's soul tunes.

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Sound Of MusicMoulin RougeThese are two very different albums with massive followings.  Rogers and Hammerstein's Sound of Music has already beat out the top seeded musical, West Side Story, to make it this far.   2001's Moulin Rouge has had fewer years to work its way into our hearts, but quickens the nostalgic value using beloved pop music from the 70's and 80's.

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WizardofOzO BrotherHere is where I will admit that although I have so much love for O Brother, I am feeling a little bitter that it took out my personal favourite, Grease, in the last round.  Meanwhile, Wizard of Oz is a longtime favourite for many, but in all fairness, really hasn't had a strong competitor until now.  May the best soundtrack win!

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CatchMeBladeRunnerAfter beating Star WarsBlade Runner has a another chance to take out a second John Williams' score in Catch Me If You Can, which is the only remaining 16th seed in Soundtrack Madness!  These are two surprisingly strong contenders, and I'm quite sure this could go either way.

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Mission220px-Chariots-of-fire-albumThe Mission and Chariots of Fire have both been powerful underdogs in this competition, and now face off to make for a very hard decision since these soundtracks appeal to very similar audiences.  I suspect this one will be an especially close race.

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Thanks for voting, and remember to check back Tuesday, April 7th for results and Elite 8 polls!