Soundtrack Madness: The Elite Eight

OSTMadnessE8   You are about decide what one soundtrack will represent each quadrant of the bracket and head into the semifinals!  Eight teams are left, leaving four big decisions.  I don't know about you, but the Musicals really ruined my predictions.  So let's start with them this time. Sound Of MusicO Brother, WAT?

On its way here, The Sound of Music has taken out two of my favourite soundtrack albums of all time, West Side Story and Moulin Rouge.  Each round has given it a more intense competition, but ultimately failed to break its momentum.  O Brother, Where Art Thouthough not strictly a musical, has enough of its music woven into the story that it finds itself among beloved stage-to-film remakes, and has crushed such favourites as Grease and Wizard of Oz.  With track records like that, this is any album's poll.

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CatchMeMissionThis is certainly the bracket that I've been most pleasantly surprised by.  According to the critics, both of these albums are big underdogs, though both John Williams and Ennio Morricone are the cream of the film score crop.  Catch Me If You Can is far from being Williams' most popular work, but it is perhaps more removed from strong associations that might take away from the melodies.  The Mission has experienced a wider audience, especially with the theme, "Gabriel's Oboe", which is possibly one of the most beautiful things ever written for a double reed instrument.  It's difficult for me to not see this as a saxophone vs. oboe competition, but I refuse.  Vote based on the album as a whole, not the instrumentation alone.

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Purple RainBodyguard..

I have found this quadrant one of the easiest to predict until The Bodyguard demolished The Graduate, with a vote of 10-3.  The power of a deceased diva is not to be underestimated.  However, there is a reason (or several) that Purple Rain has the top seed, and that should also not be underestimated.  Either way, I think fans of both these records will make this an epic battle.

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PrettyInPinkRomeo_+_Juliet_Soundtrack_Vol._1Each a classic from their respective decades, both of these albums have had to fight to be here.  Pretty in Pink has beaten two classic 60's soundtracks (The Big Chill and Stand By Me) to be here, and then in the Sweet 16, took out the top seeded Trainspotting.  Romeo + Juliet has had nothing but close calls, squeaking by Garden StateJuice, and the number 2 seed, Pulp Fiction, blocking Tarantino from having a soundtrack in the Elite 8, never mind the Final 4.

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Polls will be open until Friday, April 10th PM, with the Final 4 showdown to take place over the weekend.  It'll go by fast, so make sure you come back to voice your opinion!