Soundtrack Madness: The Final Poll


Purple RainO Brother, WAT?

From 64 soundtracks to just two critically acclaimed masterpieces.  Prince's collection of new material for Purple Rain set a new precedent for soundtracks featuring an artist or band.  It was a top seed because it has been recognized time and time again as not only an excellent soundtrack, but a solid album by a straight-up pop/rock music royalty.  Still, this was no easy journey.  In order to arrive here, Purple Rain had to earn your votes against a New Jack City compilation, The Beatles, Aimee Mann, and finally, the great and beloved Whitney Houston.  Most recently it won in an epic battle against surprise upsetter, Catch Me If You Can.  

Prince's contender is O Brother, Where Art Thoua more recent soundtrack that has been recognized for the way it brought old-timey country into the mainstream and reminded the world exactly why Alison Krauss is the most Grammy-winning female of all time.  It competed with the musical soundtracks, having to go up against nostalgic family-favourites such Frozen, Grease, Wizard of Oz, and finally The Sound of Music.  In the Final 4, the fight was with the 90's classic, Romeo + Juliet, but O Brother was still able to prevail, with more votes than any poll in the Soundtrack Madness brackets.

The choice is yours.  I'd love to hear the reasoning behind your vote as well, so feel free to say your piece in the comments.   I'll give a play-by-play listen/blog of the champion soundtrack, so check back next week for the winner.  I'll keep this poll open until Sunday, April 19th.  May the best album win!

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