Femcee Madness Round 2: NE (New York Vets)

bracket-1 Two quick things as we begin voting in the second round. I've begun adding a playlist for each bracket of existing rappers as a way of including more of their work for you to appreciate beyond one embedded video. For a playlist with all the artists below, check out this spotify link and follow along. Also, the embedded videos in this round will focus on featured verses and collaborations. Most will include a timecode where you can skip straight to the important stuff, if that's what you're into.

For these classic rappers, you've asked for the higher seeded artist every time. Whether or not that continues, the decisions you are about to make will break someone's heart - most likely your own. Good luck, and vote responsibly!

(1) Salt-n-Pepa     vs.     (8) Ladybug Mecca

The legends Salt-N-Pepa had no problem picking off the 16th seed to get here and face off against the winner of the most dramatic battle of the NE bracket. After taking regular turns at the lead, Ladybug Mecca of The Digable Planets just barely squeezed out a win over Philly royal, Bahamadia. The trio from Queens is clearly the favourite to win here, but Ladybug could come from behind, being the kind of underrated underdog that so many of us love to root for. It was hard to find a featured verse for either of these, so please forgive me for starting off my brackets with an exception.



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(5) Lady of Rage      vs.     (4) Foxy Brown

Lady of Rage had a relatively easy success over Angie Martinez in the first round with exactly 60% of the vote, while Brooklyn badass, Foxy Brown all but demolished Ms. Melodie to be here. Both women are tough, are backed with some heavy crews, and are not afraid to spit fire. Here are a couple of their most popular features with longtime collaborators, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z respectively.

Lady of Rage's verse starts at 1:23.


For Foxy, skip to 2:30.


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(3) MC Lyte     vs.     (6) Jean Grae

This match-up might actually kill my brain, as I would name both of these women as two of my favourite rappers. Although I heard Heather B. gained a few fans in round one, she provided almost no competition for MC Lyte, who has been going strong for three straight decades now. Charli Baltimore received more votes than I expected, but ultimately Jean Grae made it to round two unscathed, and is ready to throw down against a legend.

MC Lyte starts this track out, but also has a second verse at 2:00.



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(7) Roxanne Shanté     vs.     (2) Lil' Kim

Although Roxanne Shanté was seeded a little higher than Queen Pen in the first round, I was a little surprised at her relatively easy win. The match was close, but she was up by a couple votes the entire time the polls were open. Meanwhile, Lil' Kim took down Antoinette with a vast majority of the votes, and now goes up against one of her very own foremothers. I think I know who I will vote for here, but I can't say I know who will take this one home.


Lil Kim begins rapping just after the 2:40 mark.


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The rest of the veterans' polls are up over here, so make sure you get all your votes in!