Femcee Madness Sweet 16: NE (NYC Vets)

Only four Femcees remain in each quadrant, representing the best of each era/region. I'm so happy to have heard from so many of you that these brackets introduced you to a new artist, or gave you an excuse to dive deeper into the work of one of these musicians. The choices from now on only get more difficult, but the good news is you don't need to choose in real life - you can listen to all of these women as they all have brought something slightly different to the art of rap music. However, for the sake of the polls and this competition, you do need to decide between some true legends of hip hop. Check out who's left in the competition, and good luck to you and your favourite rappers! bracket-east-16.jpg

For a Spotify playlist that highlights a few more tracks of the remaining rappers, click on this link: https://play.spotify.com/user/dancevera/playlist/794Zo7Ph1kyV0fYb1Wl3Sp


(1) Salt-N-Pepa    vs.    (4) Foxy Brown

Our top seed trio Salt-N-Pepa has had no trouble at all in making it to the Sweet 16, most recently taking out Ladybug Mecca with 91% of the votes. I'll be selecting live performances to embed - as much as possible - which here will give you a glimpse into Sandra, Cheryl and Deidre's abilities in incorporating choreography with their already high energy tracks. However, there is no way that Foxy Brown will go down without a (nasty and scrappy) fight. She is confident, badass, and is never afraid to let you know she's coming for you. One extra temptation to vote for her is the potential of a showdown between her and either of her two long-time rivals, MC Lyte or Lil' Kim.



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(3) MC Lyte    vs.    (2) Lil' Kim

Although I can admit that I'm rooting hard for one of these ladies, I know this match could go either way. MC Lyte has been keeping busy since the 80s, and managed to pick of Jean Grae last round with surprising ease. Lil' Kim slid right past her battle mentor, Roxanne Shanté, to make it to the sweet 16. Although Lyte was forward and unafraid to speak about sexual drive and desire, Kim took her explicit desires to a whole new level, with only Foxy to as a true rival. Both of these femcees from Brooklyn raised the stakes of hip hop, but only one can represent in the Elite 8.



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Check back soon for the rest of the Sweet 16 polls. In the meantime you can prep yourself to vote with a Spotify playlist here: https://play.spotify.com/user/dancevera/playlist/5WpCB6Kg04O3xLaHrJhbeb