Music Video Artist (MVA) Madness Brackets!


UPDATE: For 24 hours only, over Feb 23rd-24th, twitter is running a poll that will effect the yellow quadrant. Between Solange, Busta Rhymes and Janelle Monae are receiving votes to compete. This is because Janelle Monae has released two new videos, launching her into a new category of having far more contenders than before. Between the three artists, whoever receives the most votes on twitter will take the 13th and 14th spots in the performance/yellow brackets. Vote now on twitter

Your Music March Brackets are here, and ready for your predictions! Download your own copy, print it off and fill out your selections, then follow along as we all vote to pick a final four! For anyone who needs a reminder about what this is all about, check out my introductory post here.

The Music Video Artists were a particularly difficult group to seed and place in these brackets. All of these artists have emphasized the art of music video as a way of establishing their career. If the artist has ever won MTV's Vanguard award, they got a a higher level seating, and then beyond that, each artist was given points depending on how many videos they've made, and the average views of their top 5 YT videos. This allowed the seeding to be based on wide acceptance/success as opposed to my own judgements. It meant that Rihanna, Beyoncé and Guns n' Roses were given the highest scores, seeding them highest in their respective quadrants/categories.

Speaking of categories, this year these are the loosest they've ever been, and I will most frequently refer to them simply by their colour. In case you're curious, I compiled the quadrants based on what kind of videos the artist is most known for. The red bracket is made up of artists whose music videos tend to prioritize choreography; the green bracket artists tell stories with their videos; the yellow bracket artists are all about personality performances; and finally, the blue bracket artists are known for relying heavily upon a single concept for their music videos. 

Obviously none of these categories are exclusive of one another. Many videos with choreography are also personal performances that rely on a concept to tell a story, so this is not meant to make any kind of point about the videos at all. It's just a (somewhat superficial) way of organizing these artists for the sake of this competitive tournament. 

What do you do now? Make your predictions. Prepare by watching some videos of artists you're unsure about. Share the brackets with your friends so you can compete between yourselves. And get ready to vote as early as this weekend! Let the madness begin!