MVA Madness Round 2: YELLOW

With the drama of the first round out of the way, we have so much more excitement to look forward to! The full, updated brackets can be viewed here, and since all the round 2 polls are up, don't forget to vote for your favourite GREEN, BLUE, and ORANGE artists! On with the votes!


UPDATE: These polls have now closed! Scroll down to see the results, and check back soon for the Sweet 16 of the competition!


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.21.39 PM.png

These polls are starting out rather reminiscent of the Diva Madness of 2015! As the #1 seed of these performance video stars, she fought with a hard defence, not losing a single vote to the American instrumental funk band, Vulfpeck. Mariah had a slightly closer race against Ariana Grande, but ultimately voters can tell the difference between an original and a copy. Oops, did I say that? Anyway, this match is a much tougher choice for me. Good thing I don't need to make it alone.

For additional Rihanna viewing: We Found Love, BBHMM, Disturbia, S&M, Umbrella

For additional Mariah Carey viewing: We Belong Together, Obsessed, Heartbreaker, Fantasy, Shake It Off.

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Lady Gaga singlehanded destroyed the Backstreet Boys. In the competition that is, when she beat them in the first round, 15-1. Busta Rhymes just barely took out the Talking Heads by one vote - so never tell me your vote can't make a difference. Here we have a pop star that will stop at nothing to shock and impress up against a rapper who's influence on music videos can be seen all over hip hop decades later. Both have been known to make us think, laugh, dance, and hide our eyes, but only one can move on to the Sweet 16.

For additional Lady Gaga viewing: Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Judas, Applause, G.U.Y. (which is actually just a highlight from the 11 minute ARTPOP film of the same name).

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 6.48.20 PM.png

Nicki gave him a run for his money early in round 1, but Jay was able to pull into the lead and hold with 63% of the votes. Janelle Monáe beat the Red Hot Chili Peppers similarly with 69% of the votes, and continues to fight in and out of these brackets, releasing a new video to promote her upcoming album just yesterday. Both these artists use their videos in multifaceted ways. Of course they are meant to emphasize and market the music, but they also draw attention to certain conversations: Jay-Z is regularly calling our attention to police violence against black men (and the experience of being black in America more generally); while Janelle Monaé preaches female empowerment, and having pride in yourself regardless of how others might judge you. They are both personal heroes of mine and this decision may cause me physical pain.

For additional Janelle Monaé viewing: Pynk, Q.U.E.E.N., Yoga, Tightrope, Electric Lady.

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Although OK Go are the underdogs here with the 10th seed, they are favourites to go all the way to final. OK Go, might not win awards for their music, but their videos have played a huge role in a revival of the medium, and especially helping the music video survive and compete in the viral world of the internet. I know folks who have never watched another music video, but out of their interest in creative physics, follow this band on YouTube. Still, will that level of popularity be able to withstand one of the biggest pop/rock bands to have ever existed, and who were some of the first to invest heavily into an incredibly early idea of the music video? The Beatles are in the #2 spot, and had absolutely no trouble pushing Superfruit out of the way to fight for a place in the Sweet 16. The choice is up to you!

For additional Beatles viewing: Help!, Strawberry Fields Forever, Hey Jude, Free as a Bird, Eleanor Rigby.

And that's it for round 2! Enter your votes in the polls below, and if you've missed any of the other brackets, scroll up for links.