MVA Madness Round 2: ORANGE

The first round of voting is finally complete and the decisions only gets worse from here on out. Let's see what happened with the orange brackets so far: who was sent packing, and who is still here to fight for the final 4. (You can see the entire updated brackets here). I'll only be embedding one video for each artist this round (which feels criminal), and although I will post some additional suggested viewing links below. Also, please share with me your favourite videos of your favourite artists, and if they make it to the Sweet 16, I'll be sure to spotlight your choice.  

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UPDATE: These polls are closed. Scroll down to see results and check back for the Sweet 16!


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Beyoncé may have had the top seeded spot, but she has already had a surprisingly hard-won victory over Paula Abdul with only 71%, while Sia had a slightly easier time shutting J.Lo out with 78% of the votes. The two divas have impressive relationships with music videos. While Sia seems to hide behind them, offering visuals featuring Maddie Ziegler or other actors to represent compartmentalized parts of herself, Beyoncé uses videos to reveal more of herself than she usually would, drawing on old and/or private footage of herself and her family. Both women offer their artful gifts to us as pieces of insight and hope, and now Beyoncé's "visual albums" go up against Sia's contemporary dances, and I have no doubt that it's gonna be ugly. But also, incredibly beautiful. 

Additional Beyoncé viewing: Run the World, Pretty Hurts, 7/11, Hold Up, Sorry.

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Only one of these uncontested video legends can make it to the sweet 16, and I don't know what I will do about it. Both Madonna and Missy held their first round opponents (Usher and Britney Spears, respectively) to only 10 votes each, reminding us all to never estimate either of them. Madonna paved the way for countless other divas to follow, mixing raw sensuality, controversial subjects, and pure glamour to entice us. Missy is all about the beautiful and bizarre, featuring choreography like nothing we've ever seen before, and forever shaping the visuals of hip hop. It would be almost impossible to argue one's influence or artistry exceeds the other's, so I'm guessing this vote will come down to nostalgia and personal taste. 

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These two seem to be in a forever match-up since the "nipple-gate" scandal of the 2004 Super Bowl. And although the career-wise winner of that situation was clearly Justin Timberlake (his career took off, while Janet was all but blacklisted from mainstream media), it's moments like these where we can take small steps to set things right. Justin fans, feel free to vote with your truth here. I will not judge you for simply loving this man's music videos - he has made some very good ones. But how do they compare to the legendary Ms. Janet Jackson, who has two decades on him and continues to deliver not only brilliant music, but memorable, choreo-filled, and powerful visuals, time after time? Right. They don't. 

I never said I would be completely unbiased.

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I just want to say congratulations to Bruno for getting past the first round with the highest vote percentage yet - with 97%... however that might have had something to do with the animosity that a lot of folks have for his first-round opponent, a certain Chris Brown. I highly doubt he'll have the same success rate against his own self-described (and obvious) idol and inspiration, Michael Jackson. MJ may only be in the 2nd seed of these brackets, but he is still considered the King of Pop, and is easily a favourite to win this competition. "Thriller" is arguably the best and most popular music video of all time. Heck, the MTV Vanguard Award is even named after him. He didn't quite sweep Swedish pop sensation, Robyn, in round 1, but I have a feeling that none of the 4 Robyn voters expected that to go anywhere. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe there is a whole world out there ready to replace Michael with 2.0. I mean, if anyone is going to knock MJ out of the competition, it might as well be someone who learned everything he knows from the pop King!

Additional Bruno viewing: That's What I Like, Finesse (Remix), 24K Magic, Treasure, The Lazy Song.

And now it's time for some decision making! After you fill out your ballots, if you haven't already voted in the other brackets, scroll up and hit the links, or navigate back to the March Madness home page. 

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