MVA Madness Round 2: BLUE

I just want to say that I am very pleased with how this quadrant is progressing so far. There is no official "right answer," but I feel like you got as close to it as you could. For the second round, all polls are open at the same time, so once you're done with these polls, don't forget to vote in the other three as well! Here are the links: YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN. You can access the full updated brackets here. And without further ado, round two!


UPDATE: These polls have now closed! Scroll down to see the results, and check back soon for the Sweet 16 of the competition!


Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 1.09.49 PM.png

It was not looking like Kanye would even make it this far; he barely pulled ahead later in the competition over The White Stripes. It's true that people feel very conflicted about Kanye as a person and an artist, but one thing that he consistently does well is a music video. Still, I'm not sure how he'll fare going up against one of the greatest rock bands alive, who are making some of the most interesting videos out there. The honest truth is that I don't know who I'll vote for when it comes time for me to check a box.

For additional Radiohead viewing: Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Lotus Flower, House of Cards, Just.

This match up is savage. Both of these hip hop artists use their videos to draw out even more of a thought-provoking message from their already-packed audibles. Kendrick has a tendency to focus on joy without sugar-coating the horrible realities he lyrically reflects upon. M.I.A. takes another approach, often hiding the meaning of her music behind loud, obscure, and super catchy beats, while portraying deep prejudices and injustices with her visuals. Both approaches are fantastic at catching our attention and causing us to ask deeper questions. And both are examples of where the prophetic meets pop culture.

For additional Kendrick viewing: ELEMENT, HUMBLE, Swimming Pools (Drank), LOYALTY, All the Stars.

For additional M.I.A. viewing: Bad Girls, Born Free, Sunshowers, Paper Planes, Bucky Done Gun.

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Both these artists had to scrap in the first round, with Foo Fighters' humour slowly gaining on Kylie Minogue's beautiful dancing men, and St. Vincent just barely inching out a win over Chris Martin and pals. Together they make a pretty interesting pair. Neither are afraid of the bizarre, and often find themselves poking fun at social norms and patterns while rocking out to incredibly catchy guitar-driven music. They are also both bands that are primarily associated with a particularly charismatic frontman/woman (Dave Grohl and Annie Clark respectively), and although they clearly make fantastic music videos, they are also especially known for playing sensational live shows. I have faith that you, the voters, will make this a nail-biting match.

For additional Foo Fighters viewing: Run, Monkey Wrench, Learn to Fly, Big Me, Walk.

For additional St. Vincent viewing: Laughing With a Mouth of Blood, Cruel, Actor Out of Work, Who (with David Byrne), Pills.

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Yet another impossible choice to make. In one corner, Peter Gabriel represents the original MTV era of stop-motion and shocking visuals that most of us have now become desensitized to, and in the other we have the eccentric Icelander who continues to reimagine new ways to interpret her experimental music with a variety of visuals. Bjork was the clear favourite in the first round, beating out the quirky Fatboy Slim by 16 whole votes. Peter Gabriel had a relatively close match against the dark and bizarre FKA Twigs, but in the end, his legacy moves him forward. 

For additional Bjork viewing: Human Behavior, Utopia, Unravel, Lionsong, It's Oh So Quiet.

For additional Peter Gabriel viewing: Big Time, Red Rain, This is the Picture, Shaking the Tree, Modern Love.

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