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And then there were two... as we can see from the full brackets, both Michael and Bjork had some close calls in order to get to this point. Still, poll after poll, they consistently dominated the competition, making it seem that this was the inevitable match-up all along (although very few predictions that I saw had both of these artists in their final 4!). Now it's time to review the videos we've found ourselves watching again and again. We'll start with what I would consider each of their best/most popular videos of all time. This is easy in the case of MJ, whose video for Thriller is regularly cited as setting the tone for music videos to come. Bjork's best video may be slightly more contested, but I'm going to go with the video that is represented in the image above: the ridiculously joyful, It's Oh So Quiet. This is not like any other video we've seen from Bjork, which makes it all the more interesting in the context of her videography.


UPDATE: This poll has now been closed and a winner has been announced! Click here to see who won, and watch a whole bunch of their videos!


Next, I can't help but pair these two sci-fi flavoured videos together. These are two of my all time favourite music videos from any artists, and they are very likely a big factor in getting these two to the final. Michael Jackson's is, of course, his collaboration with his sister, Janet, on the most expensive music video ever made: Scream. Bjork's video for All is Full of Love is a beautiful depiction of robot love - one of the few ways she and director, Chris Cunningham, managed to get away with putting explicitly sexual references on cable TV in 1999.

Okay, so both Michael and Bjork are amazing when they have funds and brains at their disposal, but what about when they are restricted to a smaller budget and a simple concept? It's true that "simple" is not something MJ has ever been known for, but there is something so classic about his early video for Billie Jean. Bjork has worked with simple concepts before, but one of my favourite examples of this was her video for Big Time Sensuality, where she is filmed in black and white, dancing on the back of a flatbed truck that is slowly moving through and around New York City. 

For no reason other than wanting two more videos that really showcase each MVA's personality, here is MJ's Bad (the short-form version) and Bjork's Moon. 

There is officially only one thing left to do; only one poll left to fill. Will it be the King of Pop or the Icelandic Queen of Eclectic?