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Play/Listed is a space where Danice Carlson-Malena geeks out about music discover and appreciation, whether it was just released yesterday or recorded before you were born. She especially loves the curation of a song collection, whether in the form of a mixtape, streamed playlist, or a classic album, and considering individual songs within these different contexts. Here are some ways you can enjoy Danice's nerdy endeavours:

OnRecords blog: Albums reviewed, lists made

Monthly Playlists that can be streamed on Tidal, Spotify, or Google Play

Play/Listed, the podcast

DJ WhySoSerious available in Vancouver and wherever you pay her to travel:
@ whysoserious.dj@gmail.com

Custom playlists also available starting at $10

Annual Posts

There are two major annual events you can always count on here:

In December of every year, Danice will countdown her favourite albums and songs of the year. Past lists can be found under the list tab at the top.

During the months of March and April, all are welcome to participate in an epic brackets voting competition based on the NCAA's March Madness. In the past we have voted on our favourite Divas, Beyoncé songs (pre-Lemonade), Film Soundtracks, and Femcees. The older competitions are imported from an old Wordpress blog and are sometimes missing some of the poll data. 

We'll announce the 2018 bracket content in February!


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Finally, if you're wondering who made this website look so good, all the credit is due to Bianca Chamberlain, and you can check out more of her designs and branding on instagram @beyankwa or at BlancheStudio!

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