Twelve Days of Listmas

Surely you’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas, but I am about to transform your experience of the holiday season with the 12 days of Listmas. No one can seem to figure out what 12 days the never-ending drink-induced song is even referring to, but I promise, this will be simple. The last 12 days of the ‘00’s - or “Ohsies” as I’ve taken to call them - will each be marked by a record of the decade: Beginning on December 20th, Going on Record will be counting down the 12 albums that have most shaped (in my own personal experience of course), this soon-to-be past decade, ending with my choice for the number one album of 2000-2009 on December 31st, just in time to begin a new era of recorded music.

I know that this is an extremely critic-esque thing to do, and the last thing I am trying to do is judge the albums I listen to. But the truth is, when recently asked what my favorite part of December is, I without doubt answered, “all the year end lists!” That’s right, not the tree, or the snow, and especially not the consumerism and terrible music, but the lists. Right around the beginning of this month, lists began to emerge on Music websites and blogs everywhere for not only the best of 2009, but also the entire decade! Oh, how I have enjoyed picking them apart in true argument and jest! And so, it’s really about time I made my own for others to apply their judgments and opinions toward.

So here we go. Prepare yourselves, and be sure to stop by on and after December 20th!