Record Reruns... Coming Soon!

I need projects.  I think in part because I like details to fit into a larger framework, but whatever the reason, projects are one of the few things that inspire in me consistent productivity.  Considering it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog, I decided a project was the best way to kick me in the butt.  So I introduce to you my Record Rerun (by the Year) project.
There is something special about stumbling across an old re-run on tv by accident.  It might be nostalgic for you, or if it isn’t, you seem to sense that it’s nostalgic for somebody, somewhere.  Single songs have that in radio play I guess, but although you can listen to an album you bought whenever you like, there isn’t really a full long-play album version of a re-run.  Until now…
I have chosen an album for every year, starting with 2010 and moving backwards.  The albums I have chosen are not necessarily what may be the most significant of the time, or even the best album of that year.  Yet, there is something about each of these albums that tend to never get old.  Each of them is a record I still regularly play, regardless of its age.

If you’re interested in moving through time, and (re)discovering music as you go, this might be an okay place for you to hang out in the next while.  Perhaps you will remember a great album you’ve forgotten.  Or perhaps you’ll discover some new-to-you tunes you’re not sure how you have lived without until now.  Perhaps you’ll even make your own list of albums for every year of your life, or something like that.  I figure the worst case scenario here, is I will have a blast - by myself - writing about albums I love, and documenting them.  Feel free to join me, and watch for my first post on John Legend and the Roots next week!