Old New Borrowed Blue #3

Considering that I began this "Old New Borrowed Blue" project as a motivational tool, I'll take it as a positive sign that I'm posting more frequently than I was hoping.  So here we are on a Monday, with a new ONBB.

Something Old:  Not only is it Monday, but today's date is July 20th, 2015, which makes it the 75th anniversary of Billboard's first ever top-ten list.  I'm not often a big Billboard fan, but this indeed marks a milestone for measuring the popularity of music, and thereby creating the concept/genre of pop music, for better or worse.  So in celebration/memorial, here's the very first #1 Billboard song ever, from Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (featuring vocals from Frank Sinatra .


Something New:  2015 has already been an amazing year for new music, and the truth is that this is the category that most pushes me to post. I've got a page worth of fantastic new-to-me tracks just waiting to be shared, and this week alone I've added a handful, but first, I've got some catching up to do.  If you have spent any in-person time with me over the past few months, you have no doubt heard/seen this joyfully addictive video from Chance the Rapper.  I am obsessed, and it would feel dishonest not to share it here earlier rather than later.  Comparisons to Kanye's "Family Business" are ripe, and if that isn't enough to convince you, I don't know what to say.


I should also mention that "Sunday Candy" has been released on The Social Experiment's Surf, an album offered for free on American iTunes.  Unfortunately that has made it harder to find outside of the USA, but you can download it for free with a clear conscience here.

Something Borrowed:  For those of you who are already planning on googling Jamila Woods from the last video, I'll save you a bit of trouble.  She's awesome, and she makes music with her duo by the name of M&O (Milo & Otis), and you should definitely watch their creative, mellow cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya", if not everything else of theirs you can find on the interwebs.


Something Blue:  We've already had our fair share of sadder songs today, so I'll leave you with John Lee Hooker performing the fun "Boom Boom" in the original Blues Brothers movie.