Old New Borrowed Blue #4: FemBosses

Today is all about a few of my favourite women in music.  Enjoy!

Something Old:  Because there may not be another artist that was as influential on my tastes growing up than Ms. Jackson (if you're nasty).  And because I am already counting down the days (54) until I see her live for the first time (finally).  I'm hoping she performs some career-defining throwbacks like this, with or without the keytars.  Song starts around the three minute mark, but you might want to watch the whole thing, because this video from 1987 is EVERYTHING.


Something New:  The inspiration for today's femboss theme is without question this short film released by MIA a couple weeks ago.  Over the years she has become one of my favourite women in music with her catchy dance tunes and her bold statements through music videos like "Bad Girls" and "Born Free".  Matahdatah Scroll 01: Broader than a Border features two songs, "Swords" and "Warriors", and footage of people doing fabulous and ordinary things in India.

Something Borrowed:  #SorryNotSorry to those who are not big fans of MIA, but this is too fun not to post.  Here is MIA's tribute to Beyonce.  Though it's called a remix of "Flawless", "Baddygirl 2" borrows from other Yoncé tracks such as "Diva", "Drunk in Love" and "Run the World (Girls)".  Let me know if you notice any other references or samples that I missed!


Something Blue:  So many of my favourite women in music have made some incredibly beautiful, blue music, but possibly my all-time favourite sad songs is Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit".  Originally written in 1930 as a poem, Holiday's recording has become one of the most popular racism protest songs of the century.  It's imagery is dark and haunting, and elicits a fairly physical reaction in me every time I hear it, so it's a less-frequently-played favourite, but favourite just the same.