Old New Borrowed Blue #10: Brit(ta)n(e)ys

Although all of today's songs will have something in common, I can't think of a more diverse and eclectic Old New Borrowed Blue before today.  The inspiration for using the name Brittany/Britney as a theme came from the release of Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard's new punk solo project, Thunderbitch.  But we'll get to that in a minute.  First up is a slightly more familiar Britney.

Something Old: It already feels odd to call this 2000 track old, and yet when I watch the video for "Stronger," it's impossible not to notice how dated the entire thing is.  What is happening?  Did she transform her cheating ex-boyfriend into a chair that she starts pointing at and dancing/jumping upon?  And why is it that no matter how many times I watch this video, I always hold out hope that she will transform into a werewolf during the bridge, when she ends up in a thunderstorm?  Despite my constant disappointment, "Stronger" is in my opinion Britney Spears' strongest single from Oops, I Did It Again, or maybe any of her 8 albums.


Something New: And this is where it's time for some Thunderbitch.  Brittany Howard takes a half-step out of Blues to make a slightly louder, angrier album.  The standout track to me is "Wild Child", and if you like that, you can stream the whole album for free at thundabetch.com.


Something Borrowed: I think that "Toxic" was meant to be covered and sampled; I tend to love songs that borrow from "Toxic" far more than the original.  Is it just me, or do Childish Gambino and Danny Brown make Britney Spears sound more eerie and fierce than ever?


Something Blue:  Instead of fishing for another Brit(ta)n(e)y, let's stick with the music that had me fall in love with Howard's bluesy vocal and guitar performances from the Alabama Shakes' debut album, Boys & Girls.  Here they are performing "Hang Loose" for a Seattle radio station.